Pay With A Smile Treatments

pay with a smile treatments

Katy Jobbins is first and foremost an artist with a passion for making aesthetic improvements whilst helping others gain more self esteem.

She has celebrated a lot of success in the permanent makeup industry for her cosmetic work, and since April 2015 has offered her specialist paramedical skills & services on a pay with a smile basis.

With a love for people, cancer survivors and their inspiring stories this work gives depth and meaning to her life and it’s her way of giving something back.

She teaches her students that once they too have reached a certain level of career and financial success then medical tattooing is an emotionally rewarding way of helping others and provides the public with an alternative to a long waiting list at the NHS.

Nipple/Areola 3D Reconstruction

3D Nipple areola tattooing or re-pigmentation has become standard procedure in reconstruction following breast cancer.

Paramedical Tattooing at PMTA

Whether you have had any of the following …

  • Simple Mastectomy:  Removal of the breast not including the muscle or lymph nodes
  • Radical Mastectomy: Removal of the entire breast, lymph nodes and chest muscles
  • Partial Mastectomy:  Only part of the breast is removed

This is performed as the final stage of breast reconstruction. It can be done to conceal a scar or cosmetically enhance the areola to give a completely natural appearance once again.

This is a simple tattoo procedure who have lost one or both areola through surgery, by using advanced paramedical tattoo techniques, your appearance & self-esteem can be restored.

Concealing Scars & Burns

Although some scars are legendary and come with a backstory that makes for great cocktail party tales.

Covering up scars

Whether it’s from an accident or a surgery you’d prefer to forget. Whatever’s the case, if you’re left with an unsightly blemish on your skin then you’re probably wondering if scar camouflage is a viable option to cover it up.

It may not be as aesthetically impactful as you think. Over time, collagen breaks down at the site of your original wound and the blood supply is reduced. With each passing month, the scar becomes smoother, softer, and paler.

Many scars can be concealed with paramedical tattooing with great success. But, because every scar and skin type is different there is no one perfect end result. A small section can be tested first and a plan of action can be drawn up to give you a normal appearance once again.

Cleft Lip Camouflage

Living with scars can be difficult and others often notice cleft lip scars quickly, due to its location.

Woman hiding cleft lip

With paramedical tattooing a medical grade pigment inside the skin to create the shape or restore the colour and reduce the appearance of the cleft lip scar

Paramedical tattooing can be used to balance out the shape of the lips and give a fuller and more defined appearance, or to reconstruct the feature to more natural and aesthetically pleasing form.

One of the main advantages is the reconstruction of the more natural and symmetrical lip shape, which will take away the attention from the underlying condition. This can hugely restore your confidence.

Many clients have said how great it felt having “normal” lips, where they didn’t feel that they were being stared at anymore. Due to working with scars, more than one appointment may be required to achieve the desired result.

The area will be pre-drawn during a consultation and a small section can be tested first and a plan of action can be drawn up to give you a normal appearance once again.

Please note that this treatment is subject to a limited number of appointment times per month, insurances boundaries and medical approval checks as there are some contraindications.