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There’s simply no substitute for the best when it comes to anything permanent makeup. That’s why our clients travel from everywhere. Not only will Katy transform and freshen up your look, create timeless, natural beauty in your own unique style, she will totally pamper you too. You can leave all your makeup headaches behind and she’ll use her artistic talent and flair to take the chore out of drawing, measuring, applying and constantly re-touching your makeup.

You’ll feel brand new and good from top to bottom. There will be no compromising on quality or expertise. You’ll get to chose from soft muted, pastel shades to vivid and vibrant hues. A rich pallet of artist colours and a wealth of techniques to choose from. Immediate results, tastefully understated permanent makeup that helps you look and feel years younger.

Artist Background

Who better to do your permanent makeup or train you in the art of permanent makeup than an actual artist.  Katy studied fine art at john Leggot college, in Lincolnshire.  She has exhibited in galleries both locally & internationally.  Her highest selling painting sold for £11,000 when she was just 20 years old.

Train in Permanent Makeup

Katy’s Specialised Training …

The best just got better, we’ve given our Permanent Makeup treatments a face lift, more than a face lift, we’ve revolutionalised both our equipment, pigments & techniques to serve clients even better.

To keep up our unrivaled quality and standards of treatments, training and unlimited support I only train 25 new permanent makeup technicians each year and these are not all just from the UK. A third of my students travel from Singapore, Thailand, the US, Hong Kong, South Africa, & Eastern Europe to learn my methods.

I limit the amount of technicians I train & mentor so that I have the time and dedication to give my clients the best in my own private practice whilst keeping on top of the latest techniques in the industry.

Katy Jobbins Special Machinery2

Expertly Engineered Machinery …

I’m always looking out for the best equipment on the market. If you have ever had permanent makeup done before you will see, hear and feel the difference yourself.

My new permanent makeup machine makes all my old ones look like toys. Meticulously handcrafted, developed and put together by masters of their craft in the US, It has been personally tuned to my hand-speed and hand-pressure. The machine accepts the largest range of needles on the market today and we select the best for your unique style.

Permanent Makeup Special Pigment colours

Superior Quality Colours …

I use superior quality colours in both my own practice and also when I train. I use the world’s first machine-optimised formula known for incredible colour retention.

When you come to me for a permanent makeup treatment you are paying for quality. The artists colours I use are sourced from Canada, US and the UK. Developed for technicians and clients with very high standards.

All the colour pigments that I use have been specifically formulated through years of research and development using only the finest grades of iron oxides and lakes, the same ingredients found in make-up giants

Lancome, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Truco, Guerlain, MAC, Channel and Gucci

cosmetic products. All the pigments I use are medical grade and from the leading suppliers to the medical profession worldwide. All my pigments are hypoallergenic and are also designed for concealing imperfections on burns, scars, cancer, vitiligo, and cleft pallet patients. They have supreme colour concentration meaning less touch ups over the years.

Permanent Makeup Education

Hard Earned Wisdom …

Give yourself only the best, whether you are a client or a student here, I’ll use up to the minute techniques from Singapore, Thailand, Russia, US & the UK. It’s in a class of its own.

I specialise in correcting all kinds incorrectly applied permanent makeup. So don’t feel stuck with substandard work you are not happy with when you can have it expertly adjusted.

Since 2011 I have pooled the expertise from my training around the world with the best of the best and combine their talents with my own stamp of artistic creativity and solid experience. I have pioneered and developed field proven award winning, original techniques in both permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing.

These methods are accredited, insurance approved and used by permanent makeup technicians throughout Croatia, America, Russia, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Africa, Spain & the UK.

These methods are incredibly simple and effective but most importantly so natural that they are almost undetectable to the untrained eye.

Katy Jobbins Specialist Techniques

Beautiful & Natural Eyebrows Just for Brunettes 3
Beautiful & Natural Eyebrows Just for Blondes 3
Beautiful & Natural Eyebrows Just for White & silvers 3
Permanent Makeup Lip tint
eyes front cover 3d
3D Areola Paramedical Tattooing
Happy Money

I Only Accept Happy Money …

Client & student satisfaction is my number one business. If I feel I can’t create the result that you are looking for or if you want something that I really feel is too dramatic for everyday or I feel it goes against my better judgement, then I will say at the consultation stage.

If my student fills out the pre-training profiling questionnaire and I don’t feel like they would be suitable to train in permanent makeup then I will refuse to take their money.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record …

Before Katy became a trainer in permanent makeup she ran 50 clinics around the country including in London Harley Street and built up a wealth of experience in perfecting the procedures.

They didn’t award Katy “Mentor of the Year“, “Creme de la Creme”, “Best Customer Focus”  or “Best Aesthetic Therapist of the Year” for nothing. You can see over 500 video reviews on our YouTube channel of happy clients & students.

We love to film the reactions of both our clients and students. You need to see it to believe it.

You can see my students in the video at the top of this page or my YouTube channel, who took the golden opportunity to invest in completely tailor-made 1to1 training. They came from every background imaginable. They all wanted to change their lives and to be able to earn more money in less time and they did it faster than they ever thought possible.

Pay With A Smile Treatments


Paramedical Tattooing at PMTA
Pink Cancer Ribbon
  • Nipple/Areola 3D Reconstruction

  • Concealing Scars & Burns

  • Cleft Lip Camouflage

Since April 2015 I have offered my specialist paramedical skills & services on a pay with a smile pro bono basis. I really enjoy helping people in their time of need and It’s my way of giving back.

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Katy’s Credentials – With Over 12,000 hours Tattooing Experience …


Katy Jobbins, Multi Award Winning Industry Expert, Author, 
Founder & Head Trainer of the Permanent Makeup Training Academy.

Level 4 VTCT World Class Qualifications in Micropigmentation (QCF) Reg No. 1107192

The award of this qualification is based on successful attainment of the national standards in units of competence by Dr Stephen Vickers Chief Executive

Regulated by Ofqual

Educator for ACTFast – Adrenalin Controlled
Topical Anaesthetics.
Endorsed by VTCT

TQUK Level 3 Award in Education
and Training (RQF)

Qualification Number: 601/1831/3

Infection control for Health Care Level 2 (VTQ)
Regulated by Ofqual


Plus 35 hours per year continued professional development (CPD)

Katy, First Advisor on Ask the Experts Panels For Permanent Makeup Artists ….

Katy As Featured In Industry Magazines

On the 1st of January 2014 Katy became the first ever expert on permanent makeup to feature in top industry magazine the Guild News’s Expert Panel.

Guild News quoted The Permanent Makeup Training Academy as “The Place to Go For Anyone Thinking of Entering the Industry

In 2012, 2013 & 2014 Katy was picked by leading industry magazine ‘Salon Today’ to be their resident permanent makeup expert on their advice panel giving advice to their 40,000 + readership.

In 2017, 2018, 2019 a regular contributor for Spa Elemental and other Industry Magazines

Personal Letter From Katy Jobbins About Her Time in the Permanent Makeup Industry

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